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IVP for Master Data Management

To compete effectively, asset managers need to optimize how they control their data by continuously acquiring, normalizing, storing, cross-referencing, and stitching it together. And, of course it must be exchanged with outsourcing providers. Such tasks can be daunting for firms using patchwork systems that were not designed to work together.

The Master Data Management Platform (MDM) from Indus Valley Partners provides an elegant, integrated suite of cloud-based solutions that asset managers deploy to organize, categorize, and localize diverse data sets with built-in flexibility, transparency, and governance. All of the platform’s components integrate seamlessly, enabling firms to improve data quality and use it more easily, efficiently, and economically across the enterprise.

Comprehensive And Integrated

Data Acquistiton

  • Create a golden copy mission copy data with out of the box solution
  • IVP Security & Reference Master
  • IVP Entity Master

Data Acquistiton

  • Create a golden copy mission copy data with out of the box solution
  • IVP Security & Reference Master
  • IVP Entity Master

Data Acquistiton

  • Create a golden copy mission copy data with out of the box solution
  • IVP Security & Reference Master
  • IVP Entity Master

Comprehensive And Integrated

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Built-in data governance and lineage

Flexibility for data types and workflows

Full audit trails for transparency

Extensibility to accommodate growth

Security & Reference Master

Data Normalization and Validation

Data Source Prioritization

Data Creation and Modification

Data Governance


Entity Master

Model Counterparty Relationships

Model Internal Fund and Blend Structures

Clarify PB, Fund Admin, and Custodian Status

Track Changes in Relationships

Assess Entity Exposures

Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

Data Integration

Data Profiling

Cloud-Based Solution

Data Governance

Data Stewardship

Data Lineage

Status Monitoring

Real-Time Data Analytics

Self-Service Data Preparation

Data Distribution

Data Warehouse

Performance Calculation

Ad Hoc Calculation

Custom Calculated Fields

Ad-Hoc Reporting

Bi-temporal Reporting

Report Generation and Distribution

Data Extraction

Data Visualization

Decision Science

Multi-Factor Attribution of Returns

Ex-Post and Ex-Ante Attribution

Calculation Trees

Full Time Series Analytics

Scenario and Sensitivity analysis

Performance Comparatives and What-if Capability

Platform Benefits

The IVP Master Data Management suite is used by a wide range of traditional and alternative asset management firms. Organizations choose IVP for master data management because it offers a “best of both worlds” approach to a very complex challenge. It offers a comprehensive cloud-based solution, covering the entire data management ecosystem in a single, powerful platform. Yet it is flexible so you can start with the modules you need today and extend the solution with new capabilities at any time. This helps firms avoid buying applications piecemeal without any guarantee of interoperability — but without the need to acquire all capabilities at once.


Reduce the risk of errors and discrepancies in internal and external data flows


Manage data, track lineage, catalog data, establish governance and automate data distribution


Store and manage data in a tightly controlled way that is scalable and extensible over time


Ensure reliable integration with the financial ecosystem using built-in adapters


Spend more time on insights and decision-making with data fully under control


Cleanse and process data on time for easier access in multiple downstream applications


Access data on-demand for virtually any need without requiring IT to get involved

Future Proof

Deploy a flexible, agile, cloud-based solution that can adapt rapidly as markets evolve

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