Reconciliation Solution

Reconciliation is becoming increasingly complex. Data from multiple sources is often inaccurate or incomplete. Manual operations are falling short with rising transaction volumes and esoterics. Spreadsheets can’t give you an holistic view of your operational risk across funds.

Indus Valley Partners automates, accelerates, and simplifies reconciliation with AI and ML technology designed to handle peak volume, velocity and asset class complexity. Powered by advanced AI/ML technologies, IVP Reconiliation Solution features “any-to-any” reconciliations and an ultra-fast engine that processes millions of transactions in minutes — all in a cloud-based solution that can go live in one day.


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Advantages for Buy-Side and Sell-Side Firms

Asset managers benefit from IVP’s fundamentally different approach, leveraging integration, automation and flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing workflows.

Up to 30% Efficiency Gain

Automate reconciliation of complex transactions, including OTC instruments

40% faster Implementation

Quickly identify patterns, associations and insights to finish setup in minutes, not days

Up to 50% Lower Cost

Leverage open source technologies to reduce infrastructure costs,and achieve 50% cost reduction with IVP Managed Services.

More Intelligent Operations

Trust IVP’s AI to recommend the right “next steps” for any reconciliation process


Maintain a complete history of user actions for more accurate audits

What’s Possible with Reconciliation Solution

Position Reconciliation

Data Reconciliation

Payment Reconciliation

Cash Reconciliation

NAV Reconciliation

Inter-State Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation

Trial Balance Reconciliation

N-Way Reconciliation

Month-End Reconciliation

P&L Reconciliation

Embedded Broker Email Communications

Key features

Reconciliation Solution Key Features

AI-Powered Suggestion Engine

Using AI/ML technology, our suggestion engine recognizes patterns, “learning” your asset mix and counterparties on the fly to predict 50% to 60% of manual user actions. It automatically recommends reconciliation mappings, keys, and attributes, so you can set up new reconciliations in minutes. Plus, in-memory performance is faster and more scalable than a conventional database.

Efficient Month-end Reconciliation

Optimize monthly/quarterly fund accounting and NAV reconciliation with a hassle-free month-end reconciliation that runs in parallel with daily reconciliation activities. Avoid duplicate work with a single “as-of-daily” or “as-of-month-end” view.

Any-to-any Reconciliation

Reconcile data from a fund, admin, and counterparty—all in a single, N-way reconciliation. Out-of-the-box reconciliations include cash, position, trade, trial balance, TEV, NAV, P&L and month-end.

Embedded Broker Communication

Communicate directly with prime brokers and custodians via email from the break blotter, with automatic attachment of break sheets, “smart compose” for the email body, and a full audit trail.

Designed for Self-service

The intuitive user interfaces lets users configure everything without intervention from IT. No code, no hassles, just efficient reconciliation.

Advanced Workflow Management

Configurable, end-to-end workflow tags and assigns exceptions automatically with a robust audit trail and multi-level signoffs.

By The Numbers

3.6 $TN+

AUM managed using
IVP technology

1.5 $TN+

AUM reported through RAPTOR Reg Reporting Platform


Strategy & Bespoke
projects delivered


Fund managers using
IVP Solutions


Fund managers using IVP “Digital-First” Managed Services


Global Hedge fund AUM running through IVP products

Customer Use Cases

Asset Managers

Integrate with
PMS/OMS, accounting, reference masters

Prime Brokers

Reconcile positions,balances, trades


Reconcile ledgers and
bank statements

Fund Administrators

Reconcile monthly/daily NAV, trial balances, P&L

Reconciliation as a Service

Reconciliation as a Service

Powered by IVP Managed Services, this platform becomes “Reconciliation as a Service.” In this streamlined outsourcing engagement, our cross-functional support teams use digital-first technologies to manage reconciliation workflows in the cloud to boost your efficiency.

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Reconciliation Solution

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