Regulatory Reporting As A Service

Buy-side firms must provide a wide range of filings and disclosures on a constant schedule. By combining the IVP Regulatory Reporting (Raptor) solution with “digital first” IVP Managed Services, firms can outsource time-consuming reporting while maintaining complete control. “Digital first” outsourcing takes a different approach than is typical. Instead of allocating a set number of FTEs to a project—regardless of what processes it involves or how complex they are—Indus Valley Partners leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation (RPA) to systematize and automate regulatory reporting.


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Transform Reconciliation Operationsv

Maximize efficiency and accuracy with Managed Services for IVP Recon.

  • Well-defined SLAs and KPIs provide full transparency and a true “bird’s eye view”
  • SOC 1 enabled process controls help in mitigating operational risks
  • Activity-based pricing lets you take a modular approach while keeping costs under control
  • Outsourcing ensures high-quality results especially when volumes rise at month-end
What’s Possible with Regulatory Reporting as a Service

Data Sourcing

Data Validation

Form Population and Level 1 Review

Data Cleansing

Form Submission

Advantages for Asset Managers

Eliminates Manual  Data Validation
Eliminates Manual Data Validation
Offers Full Process Transparency
Offers Full Process Transparency
Reduces Data Review and Filing Time
Reduces Data Review and Filing Time
Minimizes Post-filing Issues
Minimizes Post-filing Issues
Automates Form Population
Automates Form Population
Reuses Data Sources  and Reports
Reuses Data Sources and Reports
Keeps Total Time Commitment to One Day
Keeps Total Time Commitment to One Day
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