Data Management As A Service

Data is the most valuable resource in any asset management firm, and managing data is one of the most complex challenges. Current solutions struggle to handle every type of data, face obsolescence, and are too expensive to maintain in house. That’s why Indus Valley Partners offers data management services to help asset managers offload the work of managing complex data sets, increasing their operational efficiency and facilitating better data controls.

IVP Data Management as a Service provides a different approach to current solutions. As a fully managed service, it covers all the essentials of data management — including hosting, maintenance, governance, cleansing, storage, and delivery — as well as the expertise required to create the analytics and dashboards that drive insightful decision-making for risk management and portfolio optimization.

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Core Data Management Services

Maximize the efficiency of data management with our digital first approach, which leverages AI, ML, and RPA technology to streamline and automate data processes with complete transparency and built-in data governance.


  • Pricing Analytics
  • Security/Reference Data Analytics
  • Key Metrics Dashboard
  • P&L/Exposure/NAV Analytics
  • Customized Reporting


  • OMS and Accounting
  • Vendor/Broker/Market Feeds
  • Counterparty, Prime Broker, Administrator
  • Downstream Systems


  • Job Monitoring
  • Job Scheduling and Ad Hoc Triggers
  • Alerts and tracking
  • Issue Resolution
  • Third Party and Client Communications


  • Security/Reference Data
  • Exception Management
  • EOD Data Governance
  • Golden Copy Maintenance
  • Daily Process Checklist
What’s Possible with Data Management as a Service

Data Capture

Data Validation

Exception Management

Position Data Maintenance

Tax Lot Data Maintenance

Analytics and Reporting

Security Data Management

Data Control Reconciliation

Master Data Management

Automatic Exception Ticket Creation

Reference and Market Data Management

Integration and Governance

Advantages for Asset Managers

Improved Sourcing
Improved Sourcing
Intuitive Analytics
Intuitive Analytics
Lower Operational Costs
Lower Operational Costs
Reduced Operational Risks
Reduced Operational Risks
Increased Data Quality
Increased Data Quality
Greater Transparency
Greater Transparency
Multi-Vendor Support
Multi-Vendor Support
Master Data Management

Master Data Management

IVP Data Management as a Service leverages our Master Data Management suite, a comprehensive framework for managing data on the buy-side. This suite includes IVP Security and Reference Master for acquisition, IVP Enterprise Data Management for data workflow, IVP Polaris for operational data storage, and IVP Decision Science for analytics.

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